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Pressure Halter
Pressure Halter

Schooling Halter
Schooling Halter


Colt Halter

Made from our Apollo web and having brass fittings, this halter is ideal for schooling youngsters who will be shown in a halter. It can be used with either a chain, as in the photograph above or with a rope threaded through for a softer action. Buckles both sides of the head make it highly adjustable.

Small (19mm)Medium (25mm)Large (25mm)

Pressure Halter

Made from a soft yet strong rope. This halter is easy to fit and use and applies pressure to key point on the horses head which is released
quickly on compliance. Available in two sizes.

Small for ponies and young stock. Large for horses. (will adjust right down to small pony). Both sizes are fully adjustable for a good fit.


Training Halter

Made in a traditional style from the same soft rope as our pressure halter. This halter has a simple adjustment on the nose in order that it can fit any size. Cut from a full 5m of rope to give an extra length of lead even on big horses.

Ideal for busy yards with horses of different sizes or for training young horses.




EasyleaderDesigned to make halter breaking foals a simple task. Easy to fit and use, it
encourages inhand stock to move forward correctly, engaging their quarters. No more dragging behind. Makes schooling all inhand animals simple and helps to develop a good top line.

Simply put the EASYLEADER on your horse and clip to your existing headcollar.

Comes complete with its own lightweight lead and comes in three sizes.

Small (up to 12hh)Medium (up to 15hh)Large (up to 17hh)

Rollers, Cavasons and Side Reins

Made from our sealed Apollo web, with stainless steel buckles, for a low maintenance highly durable option. All sizes are made with maximum adjustment for busy yards. Rollers come complete with cruppers to prevent slipping. All items are also available in handstitched Sedgewicks leather.

Up to 38"36" to 12hh11hh to 14.2hh13.2hh to 16hhOver 15.2hh
Lightweight Caverson£25.16£27.38£29.61£33.11£35.97
Hinged Caverson £37.01£39.44£41.87£44.30
Solid Side Reins£22.21£25.16£28.11£32.85£35.80
Elastic Side Reins£28.86£31.81£34.78£39.51£42.46

Long Reins

Tubular, rein or rubber rein webb with a clip, buckle or buckle and swivel end in lengths from 18 feet to 37 feet.

Griptite1" Tubular or 5/8" Rein or Rubber Rein Webb1 1/4" Tubular or 3/4" Rein or Rubber Rein Webb
Buckle and Swivel£18.48£23.42£25.70£32.54£37.09£27.22£29.50£36.33£40.89

Puller Strap

A truly simple yet ingenious piece of equipment. Works with almost every horse to encourage a rounder outline and a lighter carriage. By the simple means of applying pressure to the front of the nose when contact is taken up it pushes the horse into an outline, unlike other training aids which pull the horse into an outline by applying pressure via the bit onto the bars of the mouth.

No need to strap the mouth shut, no bruised mouths and no need for a stronger bit. Attaches easily to any caveson noseband.