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Driving HarnessWe supply the complete range of harness for all carriage driving activities from starting out with the family pony through harness for team trailing and delicate harness for hackney showing.

We can also supply bespoke harness for any activity. Full collar or breast collar, single, pair, tandem and team.

Our Easy Clean harness range is the most popular. It is made from a leather look rubber sealed web, which is soft and strong and wipe clean.

The webbing harness is also easy to maintain as it will go in the washing machine.

We also have a complete range of English leather harness made to our exacting standards.

All parts of the harness can be ordered separately and we can also supply a range of driving reins and harness sundries. For horse and pony comfort all harness sets are supplied with a sliding backband as standard. A fixed backband for use with independent shafts on a four wheel vehicle can be supplied if required. The bridle comes with cupped blinkers. All harness sets come complete with reins, full breeching, trace carriers and a detachable soft leather dock.

Easy Clean Harness

Easy clean harness uses a thermo – bonded copolymer onto a webbing core to produce a supple and strong harness which looks far more like leather than the webbing harness. All the strapping on our easy clean harness is of this heavier rubber covered web and none of the lighter coated webbing is used. Cleaning only requires a wipe over with warm soapy water. Even the leather linings do not require saddle soap, but can simply be wiped over.

Intro Harness

This set of harness combines many features normally associated with more expensive harness to produce a set that is light weight and comfortable for your horse and yet is still virtually maintenance free. Simply hose or wipe down. This set is made from the heavy rubber sealed web with a super soft waffle lining. The pad still has a flock filled pannel which will mold to the shape of your horses back and allow for changes in shape. The fittings are stainless steel throughout.

Intro HarnessFeatures include:
Suregrip reins.
Sliding backband ( can be fixed by the use of stabalizing straps).
Excellent adjustablility.
Separate soft crupper dock (buckled either side for ease).
Full range of sizes and half sizes.
Single, pair, tandem and team sets available.

This set is still made by ourselves and is not bought in. To achieve this competitive price it is not available made to measure, but can be purchased in a combination of sizes to ensure a good fit. Please fill in a measurement chart in order that we may select the best sizes for your horse.

SizeStrapping WidthPrice per Horse
Under 36in1/2in£382.00
36in to 11.3hh1/2in£399.00
12hh to 13.2hh1/2in£415.00
13.3hh to 15hh5/8in£448.00
15.1hh to 16.2hh3/4in£480.00
Over 16.2hh3/4in£535.00

Falcon Harness

An exceptionally strong yet stylish wipe clean harness that is virtually maintenance free. Available in black or brown, with full single to pairs/ tandem/ team conversions.

Falcon HarnessStrapping: Rubber sealed web with washable leather linings.
Fittings: Stainless steel fittings. Brass option available.
Features: Bridle with leather cupped blinkers. Half cup blinkers. Breastcollar 76mm(3") wide on pony size, well padded leather lined, with well spaced twin wither supports and martingale.
Washable leather pad with fixed arch, proper terrets, wide channel and wool stuffed panel.
Washable leather lining to the full breeching complete with trace carriers and separate stuffed leather dock.
Reins: Brown rubber weave web.

Optional extras: Quick release fittings for tug and trace. Fixed backband or stabilisers.

SizePrice per Horse
Under 11.3hh£709.00
11.3hh to 13.2hh£781.00
13.3hh to 15.2hh£865.00
Over 15.2hh£942.00

Crown Harness

Crown PadA light weight wipe clean harness with excellent wearing properties. This uses a thinner strapping than the Falcon and looks particularly smart on ponies

Strapping: Rubber sealed web with washable leather linings.
Fittings: Stainless steel fittings as standard with brass as an optional extra.
Features: Bridle with cupped blinkers, cotton web reins well padded breastcollar and breeching lined with washable leather. The breastcollar has a twin wither piece Pad with fixed arch and proper terrets. Full breeching with trace carriers and soft leather dock.
Optional extras: Quick release tug and trace.

SizeStrapping WidthPrice per Horse
Under 36in1/2in£545.00
36in to 11.3hh1/2in£600.00
12hh to 13.2hh1/2in£654.00
13.3hh to 15hh5/8in£737.00
15.1hh to 16.2hh3/4in£792.00
Over 16.2hh3/4in£873.00

Merlin Harness

A heavy duty marathon harness requiring minimum maintenance.
Available in black or brown.
Available with full single to pairs/tandem/team conversion.

Merlin Harness shown with snap shackle optionStrapping: Rubber sealed web with washable leather linings.
Fittings: Stainless steel throughout with brass available.
Bridle: Leather cupped or half cup blinkers. Separate tie back noseband.
Reins: Brown sealed web draft with rubber weave rein web handparts.
Breastcollar: Full 100mm(4") bearing surface (3" for ponies) with twin wither supports, fully padded and lined with washable leather. Complete with martingale. Having quick release trace fittings.
Traces: 32mm (1¼ “) With ring end and reinforced at adjustment.
Pad: Of washable leather construction offering an 87mm(3½") bearing surface on small sets and up to 125mm(5") on larger sets. The flock filled panel gives excellent spine clearance while the flaps are fully padded. Supplied with proper terrets and quick release tug fittings. Interchangeable backband available.
Breeching: Seat has twin loin straps, is fully padded, lined with washable leather has adjustable trace carriers. Complete with separate leather dock.

SizePrice per Horse
11.3hh to 13.2hh£1081.00
13.3hh to 15.2hh£1229.00
Over 15.2hh£1376.00

Synthetic Webbing Harness

Soft weave polypropelene web harness. Soft, strong and lightweight. Durable harness which is machine washable and horse friendly. This harness is not nylon and therefore remains soft and supple in use.

For horse and pony comfort all single sets are supplied with a sliding backband as standard. This can be turned into a fixed backband by the use of stabilising straps. Fixed back bands and tilbury or quick release tugs and traces are available on most sets Pairs sets are supplied with full breeching. Single to pairs/tandem/team conversions also available. All sets have wool flocked panels which will mould to the shape of you horses back for additional comfort.

Available with washable leather linings as popular with scurry drivers.

Starter Harness

Starter HarnessAn ideal exercise harness for ponies, giving low maintenance costs with maximum adjustment. Fully machine washable at 30°C

Strapping: Polypropylene web with breathable waffle lining.
Fittings: Stainless steel tongue buckles for traces, tugs and reins.
Roko buckles elsewhere for maximum adjustment.
Features: Bridle with cupped blinkers, reins with rein web handparts, pad complete
with fixed arch, full breeching, trace carriers and soft buckle on dock.

Size Price per Horse
Under 12hh£251.00
12hh to 14.2hh£278.00
Under 12hhLeather Lined£295.00
12hh to 14.2hhLeather Lined£333.00

Club Harness

Club HarnessA heavier duty set having stainless steel buckles throughout and proper terrets.

Strapping: Polypropylene web with waffle lining. Rubber weave handparts to reins.
Fittings: Stainless steel fittings. Brass fittings available.
Features: Bridle with cupped blinkers. Breastcollar width from 1½" for mini shetland and up to 3” for full size. Twin wither piece. The pad has a fixed arch and a wide chanel for excellent spine clearance. Full breeching with trace carriers and soft buckle on leather dock.
Optional extras: Aditional padding for breastcollar, breeching and pad. Washable leather linings to breastcollar and breeching seat.

Size Price per Horse
Under 12hh£369.00
12hh to 14.2hh£399.00
14.3hh to 16.2hh£431.00
Over 16.2hh£464.00
Under 12hhLeather Lined£413.00
12hh to 14.2hhLeather Lined£454.00
14.3hh to 16.2hhLeather Lined£502.00
Over 16.2hhLeather Lined£551.00

Leather Harness

Bespoke leather harness is available made in our own workshop using first grade Sedgwicks hides.

Private drive, show wagon, everyday, marathon and trade sets individually designed to make the most out of your turnout.

Please call to discuss your requirements and receive an individual quote.

Leather Harness Commercial Harness

Driving Reins

Our range of leather and sealed webbing reins are very popular. We also have a range with synthetic draft with folded washable hide handparts in a choice of widths.

Leather Reins

SinglePair/TandemTandem LeaderTeam Leader
Folded £176.29 £206.88 £233.86 £268.04 £208.54 £242.72 £298.62 £349.59
Laced £137.22 £158.60 £204.94 £219.20 £179.62 £193.88 £261.97 £330.53
Plain £102.39 £116.51 £160.64 £174.77 £135.32 £149.45 £217.13 £240.08
Plaited £187.86 £209.24 £255.58 £269.84 £230.26 £244.52 £312.61 £381.17

Synthetic Reins

MiniShetlandPonyCobFullExtra Full
Suregrip Single£26.00£28.00£31.00£33.00£35.00£37.00
Suregrip Pair£49.00£50.00£56.00£59.00£62.00£66.00
Easy Clean Draught Single£73.00£76.00£82.00£90.00£96.00£103.00
Easy Clean Draught Pair£128.00£134.00£142.00£157.00£168.00£179.00

Harness Sundries

Flourescent Quarter Sheet Available in junior, ladies and gents sizes in a choice of materials

Length Waist Measurement (Over Clothes)Up to 32"33" to 38"39" to 44"
Wiltex Waterproof/Breathable Unlined£39.58£44.98£48.57
Wiltex Lined Polar Fleece£59.37£64.76£71.96
Melton Unlined£44.98£50.37£55.77
Melton Cotton Lined£64.76£73.76£80.97
Melton Lined Waterproof£75.56£84.55£93.56

To attach to the driving pad. In a large range of sizes and materials including Flourescent waterproof.

Length (Pad to Dock)27"30"33"36"39"42"
Flourescent Waterproof Lined£57.02£60.48£63.92£69.11£72.57£76.03
Melton Cotton Lined£101.94£115.76£127.86£139.95£153.77£165.86
Melton Unlined£72.57£81.20£89.85£100.21£108.85£117.49
Wiltex Lined Polar Fleece£57.02£63.92£72.57£79.47£86.39£95.04
Wiltex Unlined£29.37£34.56£41.47£46.65£51.83£57.02


MiniShetlandPonyCobFull Size

Swivel / Fixed / Twisted / Straight shackles with tested break strain

Twisted Shackle25mm Strap£19.7232mm Strap£23.67
Straight Shackle25mm Strap£11.8432mm Strap£13.15

Good quality important stainless steel. A full range of English stainless steel bits also available. Please telephone for details.

Liverpool Straight Bar4in to 6in£28.59
Liverpool Port Mouth4in to 6in£35.89
Army Reversible5in to 6in£46.53
Buxton51/2in to 6in£51.84


PlainFancy CentreLead FilledTandem
Brass Small£7.64£18.74£27.07£20.32
Brass Large£9.72£22.90£30.54£24.32
Nickel Small£10.98£19.34£21.07£25.21
Nickel Large£13.42£20.56£24.69£29.18


Available in a range of styles and sizes or can be made to suit your individual turnout. They can be supplied with straps to allow them to hung on the vehicle. They are supplied complete with splices, tools and a first aid kit if required.

HDT Spares rollHDT Roll - Waterproof spares roll with sealed web spares

Supplied with two hanging straps with a clear view window. Available in folded hide, washable leather, patent with leather or sealed webbing strips.

Superfine 16mm softweave web headcollars designed to fit neatly under the driving bridle. Single buckle adjustment on the head piece with a sewn in nose band 14 colours. Underhalters also available on Apollo web.

A selection of leather whip holders in a choice of colours to complement your turnout.
They are attached to the vehicle with two leather straps.

Hand stitched available with brass or white metal buckles. Standard or extra long..

Available in patent, plain black or brown complete with fancy drop (ornaments can be supplied)

Available in plain or fancy to suit your existing harness. Simply buckle on to the breeching ring.

Stylishly designed to complement your turnout. Supplied complete with reversible squares.

Handstiched English leather in most colours

Leather or synthetic, plain buckle or quick release.

Quick release tugs using easy clean web. Leather also available and Tilbury tug

Standard or Heavy duty revolving hole punch.

Well balanced fibre glass driving whips in brown. Suitable for exercise and pleasure driving

Made from easy clean web and well padded. Two buckles on one side for secure fitting to the carriage with strap at other end for backstepper to hold.

Ideal for working on damp show days.
Waterproof and breathable navey blue with a choice of binding. Velcro wither fastening enabling fitting and removal without interfering with the harness.

The ultimate metal polish.
100ml tube of polish with surface protection for a long lasting shine. Does not mark the surrounding leather

Spares Cases HDT Roll£101.00
Number Holder Lightweight£24.84
Number Holder Heavy£40.28
Underhalter Biothane/Beta web£16.27
Underhalter Softweave web£13.65
Whipholder Leather£39.86
TugsEasy clean Quick Release£52.63
TugsEasy clean Tilbury£75.89
ToolsHole Punch Standard£9.72
ToolsHole Punch Heavy duty£18.02
Seat belt £50.60
Drive On Sheets Mini Shetland, Shetland and Pony£55.77
Drive On Sheets Cob, Full Size and Extra Full Size£63.74