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Endurance goods made up to a quality, not down to a price.
As used by leading riders in many countries.

Photograph courtesy of Eric Jones 01747 860625Although primarily designed with the endurance horse and rider in mind, this range is also suitable for pleasure rider, riding schools and everyday exercise.

This tack is comfortable for both horse and rider even with prolonged periods of use and is designed to be hard wearing, with low maintenance.

All lining leather used on synthetic bridles is fully washable range for comfort and ease of care.

All fittings are brass in order to allow for a safety break point in case of an accident. Stainless steel fittings are available as a special order. The full range is also available in first grade sedgewicks bridle hide.


Our endurance range of riding equipment is available in a choice of materials.


A softweave web available in black, brown, navy, ocean and electric blue, forest and emerald green, yellow, red, pink, purple and burgundy.


The original sealed web developed and extensively used in America. Available in glossy finished Hiflex or matt finished Beta web.
Available colours: black, white, silver, havanna, chestnut, taupe, wine, red, purple, pink, green (forest, bottle or emerald), blue (navy, cambridge, royal and sky), turquoise, orange, buttercup and yellow.


Rubber sealed webbing that has the look of black leather but is soft and wipe clean. Black or brown

Headcollar Bridle
Headcollar Bridle

English Hackamore
English Hackamore

Traditional Bridle Cormorant
Traditional Bridle - Cormorant


We hold numerous patterns for bridles not listed or can offer a full design service for that individual touch.

All styles are available in a full range of sizes, or made to measure, and either single or multicolour.


Similar in appearance to an inhand bridle with the addition of a backstay and clips for the bit. This enable it to be converted to a headcollar, once the bit is unclipped. Solid brass fittings as standard.


Similar to a headcollar with additional straps to hang the bit from the cheeks and clip on the throat. Solid brass fittings as standard.


Based on a leather riding pattern. Stainless Steel fittings as standard.


Complete bridle with cheeks sewn in and a non-adjustable padded leather lined nose to reduce the chance of rubbing. Brass or Stainless Steel buckles.


A mild curb action hackamore with leather lined nose. Additional straps can be provided so it can be used as a combination bridle. Solid brass fittings as standard.


The mildest form of hackamore, Brass mounted, option of additional straps to allow it to be used as a combination bridle.

Bridle TypePolypropyleneBiothaneCormorant
Shetland or Pony
Cob or Full Size
C Bit£34.30£38.80£44.70£51.37
Military Celtic£50.99£57.10£66.49£76.39
Bit Strap£10.50£12.25£12.25£12.25
Pelham Roundings£13.89£16.00£16.00£18.00
Flash Attachment£9.29£10.50£10.50£12.99
Bitless BridlesPolypropyleneBiothaneCormorant
Shetland or Pony
Cob or Full Size
Double Scawbrig£51.95£58.75£73.40£88.00
Nose OnlyPolypropyleneBiothaneCormorant
Shetland or Pony
Cob or Full Size
Double Scawbrig£20.40£23.50£29.39£35.25


Reins are available with either buckle or clip fitting to the bit, in the same colour as bridles and are available in a variety of styles to suit individual preference.


Continental reins have a soft cotton rein web handpart in 1" or 3/4" with the first 18" at the bit end being in a web to match your bridle.

Super Grip

Super Grip has a similar feel to traditional rubber grip reins, but is far more flexible, being of soft rubber, moulded around a polyester core.

Plaited Reins

Plaited Reins made up of a four strand polypropylene plait. Up to four colours can be used to suit your colour scheme in a diamond, spot or spiral pattern.

Half Grip£15.88£16.01£15.96£16.81£17.60£19.16£20.17£21.09
Equus Rubber Grip£26.15£27.82£27.30£28.75£30.59£32.77£34.50£36.69
Continental£16.86£18.54 £18.54£20.39 £22.25£24.45
Sure Grip £25.57 £28.34 £34.45

Martingales & Breastplates

All martingales and breastplates are made to compliment our range of bridles. Those intended for use with clip on reins are supplied with larger rein rings for ease of use.

Breastplates can be supplied with or without martingale attachments and are adjustable on the neck. Breastplates and saddle breeching are provided with clips on the saddle points. Please specify if a clip or standard loop fitting is required for the girth.

Delux Breastplate£48.94£56.07£85.54
Hunting Breastplate£29.60£32.55£40.67
Martingale Attachment£12.76£14.02£17.53
Quick Release to girth Add£4.47£4.91£6.13
Endurance Breastplate£65.49£72.03£90.03
Saddle Breeching£71.20£78.31£97.88
Pelham Roundings£13.09£14.55£17.33

Stirrup leathers, Straps, Cruppers & Additional Endurance Items

We can supply a selection of quality leathers in cormorant or leather, all with stainless steel buckles as standard. Leather leathers are hand stitched for strength.

Cruppers are available in polypropylene, cormorant, appollo, biothane, beta or soft leather

Hackamore cheek guards, made of neoprene - 'velcro' onto hackamore cheek pieces.

Hackamore Chains/Curb Chains, neoprene sleeved, buckle strap ending

Sponge on a clip - Clip to saddle for use whilst out on ride.

Hackamore chains, neoprenecovered, with buckle ends£16.91
Curb chains, neorene covered£11.18
Hackamore cheek guards£17.87
Crupper with soft leather dock-polypropylene£25.64
Saddle Loop D to soft web£3.00
Crupper, apollo, biothane or beta£29.48
Crupper, cormorant£36.85
Crupper, leather£55.27
Sponge on a clip£3.81
Girth Loop£6.64